Can You Own A Star?

Many people who look up in the sky often ask themselves (and us) whether one can actually own a real star.

The simple and short answer is: No, you can’t really own a star because stars don’t really exist anymore.

We’re only seeing their light which travels through the universe. But you can name a star symbolically after somebody as a gift.

Who owns the stars?

The stars are not owned by anybody. Stars are planets which don’t exist anymore, they are like our sun, a mass of heat which emits an enormous amount of light.

Do you think you could own the sun? Even if you could what would you do with it?

What you’d have to do to own a star or planet

If you really would want to own a star or planet, you’d have to “take it by force”.

Imagine the following: You’re going to America in the late 17th or 18th century. Who owns the land?

The answer: Those who found it and could defend it.

So if you technically could get to a star or planet, you’d have to defend it with the power of your own military (maybe something like a “space force“).

It isn’t very easy to “own a star” as you can see, so let’s check an alternative to “owning” a star.

Alternative to owning a star: name a star

You can’t really own a star, but you can symbolically name a star one after somebody you love.

The only thing which you have to do is name a star by using our star-naming service. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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