Buy & Name A Star After Someone You Love – The #1 Gift In The UK

Buy the #1 gift in the UK & name a star after someone you love. Every named star is visible in the UK. The star-naming includes a personalised star certificate, star map & registration with the official ISD star registry. Be remembered forever by giving this unique gift.

We Help You Make Your Loved Ones Smile

Most people want to show their loved ones that they like them, care for them and want them to be happy.

But most people just don’t know what kind of gift they should give their loved ones for occasions like Christmas, a wedding or their birthday.

So why don’t you try to surprise them and make them smile by giving with one of the most unique gift ideas which exists in the UK?

Name a star after your loved ones and make them smile. You’ll be truly remembered forever.

Our Mission: Giving Every Star A Name

There are millions of stars in our universe. And most of them don’t have a name.

Kind of sad, isn’t it? Buying giving a star a name you (and we) are doing two things:

First, the star isn’t just a lonely number anymore but get’s a symbolic name.

Second, you can gift the star to somebody you like or love and make them happy or let them be forever remembered in the night sky.

International Star Registry & Registration

Ever named star will be registered with the international star registry & database ISD.

You can reach the ISD by clicking on the link in the menu.

Star-Naming Reviews

Buy A Star In The Sky

General Questions About Buying & Naming Stars

Buying & naming a star is very easy. Please choose first the type of star which you want to buy. You have the choice between a “visible star”, a “star in a constellation” and a “binary star”.

Each one of those stars is 100% visible.

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If you buy & name a star by using our star-naming service, then we’ll do the whole process for you: We’ll choose a star for you, name it, and register it with the official ISD star registry.

More Information: How To Register A Star For Someone With A Star Registry?

If you want to buy a star in the sky, then you’ve come to the right online shop – you can buy & name a star in the Sky at

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No, you can’t. The NASA is an American authority and it’s not their business model to name stars.

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If you’re from Ireland, then you can, of course, name a star, too. Please visit our shop to name a star.

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If you buy & name a star with Interstellarium, then you’ll have to price somewhere between £ 20,00 and £ 100,00

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“Adopting a star” and “naming stars” are synonyms ( words that mean the same ). Yes, you can adopt a star in the UK.

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Yes, you can name a star in a constellation.

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There are different ways to find your star after you’ve named it. You can use the included star map, or an astronomical star chart, or a mobile app to find the star.

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We have many different designs and the star certificates can be personalised. Please visit the gift packages to view the different star certificates and choose the one you like the most.

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Our reviews are bellow the product descriptions.

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